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Rootkit Hunter CVS 20090819 released

Eine neue Rootkit Hunter CVS-Version wurde released. Da kein Changelog existiert, hier nur kurz die Kommentare aus dem CVS-Repository:

  • Added lock/unlocking code. Added config options.
  • Integrated the new passwordless account check more into the current test. RKH was showing the test as running twice, which it does, but we only want one result.
  • Minor bug with warnings when no passwd file exists.
  • Minor improvements for “FucKit RK 0.4 by Cyrax” Rootkit.
  • Added support for perl module for SHA224/256/384/512.
  • SSH config file tabs/spaces fix.
  • Tracker 2839444: Fix for making sure /proc/ksyms is readable.
  • Added the UPDATE_LANG option to allow users to select which languages files are updated when the –update option is used. Default is to update all languages.

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